We are a 2D animation studio located in Querétaro, México. What we do is share our culture and art with the world through our shorts.

Irekani is a studio founded with the idea of developing videos that will let us educate the audience about different cultures, traditions and environments to amplify the perspective of other people around the world of how diverse our world is.

Our productions have profound content with memorable characters that will move the audience's feelings and will trigger their curiosity and will to learn more about what they see.

Silvestre Cruz Borja

Founder of Irekani.

As an administrator and producer his unconditional support for the studio has been essential allowing our team to create great productions.

Diana Cruz González

Co-founder of Irekani and Creative Director.

After studying Fine Arts and Classical Animation and having the support of Silvestre, Diana decided to begin building a team to create the studio performing different tasks such as Director, animator, illustrator and designer.

Her first short film, FreakTown, traveled around the world during 2017 and 2018 being presented in festivals such as the Morelia Film Fest and winning Best Animated Short Film in the American Filmatic Arts Awards.

Raquel Pérez (Rache)


She studied graphic design and has worked as an animator for 6 years. Big anime fan, loves ice cream, corgis and the color green.

Arturo (R2)


He studied graphic design and took an animation course for a year.

R2 enjoys mostly Stopmotion animation.

Angel Rico

Illustrator/ Storyboard Artist


Graduated from Design and Visual Communication at the Marista University, he decided to specialize in digital illustration through several advanced courses about light, color and narrative.

Angel's specialty is the fantasy illustration which has allowed him to collaborate on covers for novels, board games, animation, concept art and props for videogames.

Leticia (Lety)


Creativity and imagination have always been by her side, so her choice of career was Graphic Communication Design. Her interests vary and change with time, but her love and passion for illustration, animation and design keep coming on top always.

Karla D. Nieto

Composer/ Singer

Singing teacher and composer.

She collaborated composing the music for Diana's first project, FreakTown, and continued to support her with the music for the "Journey to the Moon's Navel" (VAOL) project.